Speaker: Xurxo Ayán Vila

Xurxo Ayan
Xurxo Ayán Vila

Dr. Xurxo Ayán Vila (1976) is an Extraordinary Bachelor’s Degree and Doctor in History by the University of Santiago de Compostela, specializing in Archaeology. He was awarded the best thesis in Humanities in 2012 by the Diputación de Pontevedra. He has won successive scholarships for pre and postdoctoral training, always in competitive public calls, highlighting a four-year pre-doctoral fellowship I3P funded by the European Social Fund (2002-2006). He currently enjoys a postdoctoral contract of the Juan de la Cierva Program at the University of the Basque Country (2014-2017).

He has been trained and has worked in five leading Spanish research groups in Management of Cultural Heritage in which he has developed in a pioneering way lines in Public Archaeology, Community Archaeology and Archaeology of Contemporary Past. From the international projection of his work, he has many articles and book chapters published in indexed journals and monographs, as well as he has participated in both national and international cooperation projects (Spain, Ethiopia, Chile, Equatorial Guinea). He has been an invited researcher in institutions such as the School of Advanced Research (USA) and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences or the University of Binghamton (USA).

Renowned specialist in Heritage Management, he has been part of the teams that have executed numerous projects of value and museum design of archaeological areas throughout the country. At the teaching level, he has taught classes, master lessons, and lectures at the Universities of Santiago de Compostela, Vigo, UNED, and Basque Country. He is the author and / or co-author of 112 publications. In this sense, he is the author of 16 books of scientific character. He has published in prestigious reviews like World Archaeology, Journal of Contemporary Archaeology and Archaeologies. The latest titles published are Altamira seen by the Spaniards (JAS editorial, 2015), Rochaforte (City Council of Santiago, Government of Spain, 2013), From the hiding of the graves to the exhumations: the Francoist repression in the environment of the Castuera concentration camp (Government of Spain, 2013) and Power, heritage and society in Galicia of the 21st century (2.0 publisher, 2012).

He is currently co-director of the project International Brigades archaeological project (2014) and director of the projects Archaeology of the civil war and socialization of the heritage in the Mount of San Pedro (Basque Country, Spain) and Valorization of the Saint Lawrence hillfort (Galicia, Spain).