Scientific Committee

These are the members of the SRUK Scientific Committee 2018

Nerea Alonso (Chair) (Biomedical Sciences)
SRUK Roving Director, Research Fellow / Lab manager, University of Edinburgh, UK

Virginia Arechavala Gomeza (Biomedical Sciences)
Group Leader, Miguel Servet Fellow, BioCruces Health Research Institute, Barakaldo, Spain

Pedro Ballester (Engineering and Computer Sciences) In-2CRev-128px-TM.pngTwitter_Logo_White_On_Blue.png
Research Group Leader, INSERM, Marseille, France

Cristina Delgado (Biomedical, Biotechnology, Biological, Environmental and Chemical Sciences)
Scientific consultant at Protein Pharmaceuticals, UK

Carmen Domene (Chemical, Mathematics and Physical Sciences)
Reader in Computational Chemistry, King’s College London, UK

Nuria Ferrándiz Díaz (Biotechnology and Biological Sciences)
Postdoctoral Fellow, Clinical Science Center, MRC-Imperial College London, UK

Francisco Flórez-Revuelta (Engineering and Computer Sciences) In-2CRev-128px-TM.pngTwitter_Logo_White_On_Blue.png
Associate professor, Universidad de Alicante, Spain

Moisés García Arencibia (Biomedical Sciences) In-2CRev-128px-TM.pngTwitter_Logo_White_On_Blue.png
Postdoctoral Researcher, Instituto Universitario de Investigaciones Biomédicas y Sanitarias, Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

Francisco A. González Redondo (Arts and Humanities)
Senior Lecturer, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain

Maria Hernández Fuentes (Biomedical Sciences)
Senior Lecturer in Translational Research, King’s College London, UK

Julia Herrero Albillos (Mathematics, Physical and Chemical Sciences) In-2CRev-128px-TM.pngTwitter_Logo_White_On_Blue.png
Lecturer, Centro Universitario de la Defensa, Zaragoza, Spain

Francisco López Cantos (Arts and Humanities)
Lecturer, Universidad Jaume I de Castellón, Spain

Gloria López Castejón (Biomedical Sciences)
Group Leader, Sir Henry Dale Fellow, Manchester Collaborative Centre of Inflammation Research (MCCIR), University of Manchester, UK

Ángel Rivera (Biomedical Sciences)
Postdoctoral researcher, CIB-CSIC, Madrid, Spain

Juan Suárez (Environmental Sciences)
Project Leader Remote Sensing Applications, Centre for Sustainable Forestry and Climate Change Forest Research, the Agency of the Forestry Commission Northern Research Station, Roslin, UK

Marta Vila Pueyo (Biomedical Sciences)
Research Associate, Department Basic and Clinical Neurosciences, King’s College London, UK