One of the everywhere-tips on career development is to NETWORK. We all know that’s something to do when going to meetings but…How often do you end up just chatting with your friends?

We want to make networking easier and effective in our Symposium. To do it we will be offering the possibility of raising a topic, idea, problem, question… you want to use to connect with other attendees and have a “corner-group” chat during coffee breaks and lunches. Some groups could be:

  • Junior PIs and Postdoc/Senior Postdocs transitioning towards PI positions
  • PhD students looking for postdoc
  • People interested in Industry or out of Academia careers
  • Arts & Humanities
  • Others ( i.e., cancer, renewable energy, etc.)

If you already have your idea you can send us an email at or alternatively you could let us know during the meeting. We will make sure to announce the available topics to all attendees and will try to accommodate as much as possible for the networking to take place during the breaks.

Mentoring Café, a meeting point to have an informal discussion about mentoring in a relax environment. We will provide information about the SRUK mentoring scheme, facilitate the networking of the participants,  learn from other mentoring experiences and will provide answers to specific challenges.

Additionally, if you want to network online, please use the hashtag #SRUK2018 on your social media when talking about the symposium.