Balancing family and research can be difficult, and that is why we want to make our Symposium as inclusive as possible. A room for families will be made available during Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd. We hope this will also be a space for interaction between members with families, to share their experiences and concerns of bringing up a child while working in research.

Please note this will be a self-organised space and that no (professional) childcare will be provided. Feel free to bring your kids to the meeting but be aware that, in principle, either you, or your relative, would have to stay and take care of them. Ideally, members using this room could make a rota to take turns looking after the children, so that everybody has some time to enjoy the Symposium.

An email will be sent to all the attendees interested in using the room during the symposium so that a way to get self-organised can be discussed ahead of the event.